Taco Bell is bringing back chicken wings

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Taco Bell is bringing back a fan-favorite menu item, but you have to act fast.

Crispy chicken wings are back for a limited time, following a successful addition last year. Each order contains eight bone-in wings coated in a queso seasoning, and costs $6.99. Wings go on sale beginning January 26 through February 9 — a week longer than last year’s run.

New this year is a “wings filter” on its app that shows which Taco Bell locations have the wings. That will likely help loyal fans who went wild for the surprising addition last year.

Also beginning next week for a limited time, Taco Bell is also selling a $22 “Ultimate GameDay Box” that features one Mexican Pizza, four crunchy tacos and eight wings.

Crispy chicken wings are back at Taco Bell.

Fast food chains, including Taco Bell, are always shaking up their menu to draw attention and attract social media attention as a way to cut through the noise. In particular, limited-time items are an important marketing tool for the food industry to draw in foot traffic and customer interest.

Last month, the chain announced it was testing two new varieties of its Mexican Pizza (a Cheesy Jalapeño Mexican Pizza and a Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza) in two US cities for a limited time.

The Mexican Pizza has been an enormous success for the chain. When the item returned in May 2022, it quickly sold out and forced the company to pull it from menus for about three months until it had enough ingredients for it to return.

Taco Bell said that during its initial run, it sold 20 million Mexican Pizzas across the country, and attributed growth in loyalty membership to customers’ desire for early access to the product.

Yum Brands, which owns Taco Bell, releases its next earnings on February 8.

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