Second Unitarian Church of Chicago in Lakeview vandalized for sign supporting abortion rights

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CHICAGO (WLS) — Second Unitarian Church of Chicago in Lakeview was vandalized after it posted a sign expressing support for abortion rights.

Broken glass still litters the sidewalk from two rock-throwing women.

“It’s all very disappointing. None of us are always at our best, and clearly the people who attacked our church were not at their best when they were coming by,” said Rev. Jason Lydon.

Lydon said the church put the sign up weeks ago, after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

“We believe in the right of pregnant people to make choices about their own bodies,” he said.

But the message apparently upset two women who were captured on video by a neighbor. Lydon said a garden grate was used to smash the glass of the church’s sign box, and a stained glass window was damaged by rocks. In the video, you can hear it being broken.

“Vandalism is never an appropriate way to engage in a debate, a conversation,” said Charity Grant, board president of the church.

As the women left, the video captured their angry words.

“I sent a message. You don’t (expletive) put (expletive) like that out there. Get the (expletive) out of here,” one woman is heard saying.

“No one’s going to silence us,” Lydon said. “We’re going to see this as an opportunity to be stronger and not retreat.”

A week from Sunday, the church is organizing a midday rally here in support of abortion rights. The pastor said that act of vandalism will not be the final word.

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