Potemkin: Pro-Russian officials remove remains of 18th century commander from Kherson cathedral in Ukraine

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221028072625 prince grigory potemkin tavricheski hp video Potemkin: Pro-Russian officials remove remains of 18th century commander from Kherson cathedral in Ukraine


Pro-Russian officials say they have removed the bones of famed 18th century Russian commander Grigory Potemkin from the occupied Ukrainian city of Kherson.

Potemkin’s bones were taken from St. Catherine’s Cathedral and moved across the Dnipro River and further into Russian-held territory, along with a statue of the military leader, the region’s pro-Russian proxy governor Vladimir Saldo told Crimean TV.

“We have moved the remains of His Serene Highness Prince Potemkin from St. Catherine’s Church and the monument itself to the left [east] bank,” Saldo said, according to Russian state news agency RIA Novosti.

Potemkin played a critical role in the annexation of Crimea from the Turks in 1783, and his memory is central to those within Russia intent on restoring the country’s former imperial reach.

Monuments to naval commander Fyodor Ushakov and commanders Alexander Suvorov and Vasily Margelov were also removed from the church and taken to an undisclosed location, Saldo said. The relics will be returned when the city is safer, he added.

The moves were made as Ukrainian forces bear down on the city of Kherson, following a series of successful counter-offensives in the surrounding region.

Over the past two weeks, Kherson’s Kremlin-backed administration has broadcast dire messages about an impending Ukrainian attempt to retake the city, and ferried thousands of residents across the Dnipro River, deeper into Russian-held territory. Ukraine has accused Russia of generating “hysteria” to compel residents to leave.

Moscow has also begun to reduce the footprint of its occupation in Kherson. Ukrainian officials say the Russians are moving injured people, administrative services and financial institutions out of the city, while sending in more troops to fortify their positions.

Museums and other cultural organizations in Ukraine have been battling to save the country’s artefacts and relics since Russia invaded in February.

In May, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russian forces have destroyed hundreds of culturally significant sites.

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