Orange Beach school board president owns up to controversial comments

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ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WALA) – FOX10 News is getting an answer from Orange Beach School Board President Robert Stuart about a controversial remark he made Thursday night during an emotionally-charged school board meeting over dress codes for female students.

“You know the ground rules, no you listen to me, you listen to me, you’re in my house, all right,” Stuart told a concerned parent who was trying to speak at Thursday’s meeting.

So FOX10 News wanted to know why Stuart said Orange Beach City Hall was “his house.”

After first referring me to city school Supt. Randy Wilkes, Stuart called me and owned up to what he said.

“Well, Byron, I know you’re a newscaster and I don’t know that you’ve ever said something that as soon as you said it, you regretted it and knew you shouldn’t have said it. And that is what I got caught up in the other night. We were in the middle of the night. I made the comment. It really doesn’t matter what my intent was. I made the comment. And you know when you say something that you shouldn’t and you’re in my position, you know, I just feel like you have to right the wrong. So that’s what I’m trying to do,” Stuart said.

Stuart also said he would “have no problems apologizing” to the woman to whom he directed his comments to Thursday night.

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