‘Not going to stop fighting’: Kierra Coles’ family holds birthday party for postal worker missing for four years

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CHICAGO (CBS) — There was a solemn celebration in Pilsen Saturday as friends, family, and neighbors gathered to celebrate the birthday of Kierra Coles, who disappeared nearly four years ago and has not been seen since. 

By most conventions, it was a standard birthday party. There were balloons, cake, dancing, friends, and family. 

But the guest of honor was missing. 

“I still wanna do something so people could know that I’m not going to stop fighting for my daughter for me to get either justice or for her to come home. I’m not going to stop fighting,” said Karen Phillips. 

On her daughter’s 30th birthday, Phillips wants no other gift but to see her daughter home safe. 

That’s four cakes, four happy birthdays, and no one to blow out the candles. 

“I’ll be going to cry and then I say, ‘No, I’m not gonna do that because that’s not what she would want me to do,'” Phillips said. 

Coles went missing on Oct. 2, 2018. At the time the postal worker was three months pregnant. 

“Couldn’t wait. I couldn’t wait for her to experience the love between a mother and a child,” Phillips said. 

In June, Chicago Police reshared the evidence they have been able to gather so far: videos showing what appears to be Coles in a store and then getting into a car. They are the last videos of her before her disappearance. 

Since the video went up, there has not been any movement. 

“No, he’s working on something or he’s got something. Nothing,” Phillips said. 

Coles’ family and friends celebrate her life, but really they would rather just be celebrating with her. 

“I don’t know where she’s at. Is she safe? Is she even still alive? You know? So much notice so much is going through my head,” Phillips explained. 

Coles’ child would have been 3 years old at Saturday’s birthday celebration. 

Coles’ mother said she has no intentions of stopping her fight to bring her daughter, and possibly grandchild, home. She is hoping someone will speak up with any new information that could help Coles’ cold case. 

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