Jerusalem’s mayor arrests suspected attacker

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Mayor Nir Barkat says he saw a commotion and stepped in

He and a bodyguard restrained a suspected assailant


When Jerusalem’s mayor saw a commotion on the street, he and his bodyguard jumped in to arrest a suspected assailant, he said.

Mayor Nir Barkat was passing by in his car when he came upon a scene and stopped his car, he told CNN.

The mayor and his bodyguard spotted a man with a knife, he said.

The bodyguard drew his weapon, and the man dropped the knife, Barkat said.

“I grabbed the terrorist, immediately put him on the ground and made a citizen’s arrest,” Barkat said.

According to the Haaretz newspaper, the man that Barkat restrained was an 18-year-old Palestinian man who had stabbed an ultra-Orthodox man.

An Israeli man had been slightly wounded, and the mayor said he tried to treat him until medical teams arrived.

Police took the Palestinian man into custody for questioning, Haaretz reported.

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