Jason Momoa wanted to take his pet pig to the ‘Slumberland’ premiere

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221110104633 jason momoa slumberland restricted hp video Jason Momoa wanted to take his pet pig to the 'Slumberland' premiere


Jason Momoa’s real-life pet pig didn’t end up making it to the premiere of “Slumberland.”

The actor attended the premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday, where he told Entertainment Tonight that though he had hoped to bring the pig to the event, his little pig stayed home.

“Oh, he’s in Hawaii! He’s a wild boar, so I couldn’t bring him with me,” said Momoa, who instead posed on the red carpet with a stuffed animal. “I think it would’ve been pretty gnarly, though.”

In “Slumberland,” Momoa plays an eccentric outlaw named Flip, who guides young orphan (Marlow Barkley) and her toy-pig-turned-real through a world of dreams.

Momoa revealed earlier this month that he had adopted a pig after filming with it.

“This is why I can’t work with animals. I want to bring them home. Wild and feral like his pops,” he wrote on Instagram.

Momoa was at last updating picking a name for his new pet – torn between Lau Lau and Manapua.

He also has a donkey and two half wolves.

“Slumberland” will stream on Netflix starting on November 18.

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