Deer crashes through window at Westmont nursing home

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CHICAGO (CBS) — A deer, breaking a window and causing chaos inside a Westmont nursing home.

The deer also tried to break into a nearby dealership. CBS 2’s Shardaa Gray spoke with the business about the bizarre morning

“One thing you don’t think it’s going to do is just go head and jump in the window, but that’s exactly what it did.”

Surveillance video from the McGrath Lexus of Westmont dealership caught a deer bolting through a window of the Westmont Manor Health and Rehab Center next door.

“On Ogden Ave, the last thing you think you’re going to see is a deer.”

First, Greg Luzinski saw it trying to break into the dealership.

“It was a few minutes to 8:00, sitting up here having coffee, and all of of a sudden, I hear a loud bang on the window here,” Luzinski said. “Didn’t know if it was someone trying to break-in to take a car, which we’ve had happen around here lately. Next thing I see a deer bouncing back and forth through the windows.”

Then the video shows the deer running to the rehab center. Westmont police said the deer broke through this window after seeing its relfection again. The nursing home called police and when they responded, they saw the deer running around, causing havoc.

The deer then jumped back out through another window.

“It ran through the building and realized it screwed up and left right away. It wasn’t looking to terrorize people or anything like that, but they’re part of our community,” said Sargent Jeff Bogardt of the Westmont Police Department. “The deer did brush into a couple people. And there was an arm injury on one of the staff here, but no headbutting or anything like that, it just knocked them over.”

He said this is mating season, so you might see deer more frequently. It’s unclear whether the deer was injured.

“The deer are moving around now. Just be a little more aware than usual,” Bogardt said.

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