Before dramatic Buffalo Bills victory, game was paused due to fans throwing snowballs onto field

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221218013132 01 miami dolphins buffalo bills 121822 hp video Before dramatic Buffalo Bills victory, game was paused due to fans throwing snowballs onto field


The Buffalo Bills claimed victory in a last-second 32-29 win over the Miami Dolphins Saturday night, a dramatic win after the game was briefly paused due to fans throwing snowballs onto the field.

During the pause at Buffalo’s Highmark Stadium, officials announced that if anyone on the field is hit with a snowball, a 15-yard penalty would be assessed against the Bills, according to the NFL Network broadcast.

Announcers on the broadcast mentioned that iceballs were being tossed at the Dolphins’ bench, with Miami head coach Mike McDaniel having a discussion with referees about it.

Highmark Stadium, citing public safety concerns, said anyone caught throwing snowballs, would be “ejected and subject to arrest.” CNN has reached out to the National Football League and the Bills for comment.

The Buffalo area received snow before the game, and while the field was cleared of snow, the stands were not.

After the Bills scored their first touchdown, Buffalo fans and players celebrated by throwing snowballs. But it did not stop after that, and fans threw snowballs as Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill tried to make a catch in the endzone.

After the announcement, as the Bills scored a touchdown before halftime, fans celebrated by throwing more snowballs.

In the fourth quarter, more snow began falling as Bills quarterback Josh Allen led his team on two scoring drives, including helping set up a game-winning field goal from kicker Tyler Bass. Buffalo players were seen using their hands to clear snow off the field for their kicker.

Following the victory, which earned the Bills their fourth consecutive playoff berth, the team celebrated on the snow-blanketed field.

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