Migrant boat stranded in Mediterranean sea: Rescue workers race to save at least 400 people adrift for at least 24 hours

CNN  —  The Italian Coast Guard is leading rescue efforts to save at least 400 migrants adrift on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and Malta, along an immigration route that NGOs have warned is perilously dangerous. Three rescue operations involving several vessels are ongoing to assist the boat of 400 migrants, as […]

Canada sees record population growth in 2022

CNN  —  Canada saw record population growth in 2022, with immigration accounting for the vast majority of the 1.05 million new residents. This is the first time in the country’s history that its population has grown by more than one million people in a 12-month period, according to a press release from Statistics Canada published […]

More than 100,000 people in Mexico are still missing

New York CNN  —  As the American survivors of last week’s bloody kidnapping in Matamoros receive medical treatment, and the bodies of those killed are repatriated, Mexico’s broader epidemic of disappearances remains largely unsolved: More than 100,000 Mexicans and migrants have disappeared, with no explanation of their fate for families. The Mexican defense ministry said […]

Mexico rethinks asylum initiative after US announcement

CNN  —  Mexico is rethinking its approach toward asylum seekers after the Biden administration unveiled a controversial new proposal to limit asylum eligibility in the United States. Mexico’s refugee assistance agency, known as COMAR, launched a pilot program in southern Mexico on Monday to explore expediting asylum denials to those it deems likely to travel […]

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