Russian drone attacks: More than 40 UAVs downed over Ukrainian capital

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A wave of Russian drone attacks on the Ukrainian capital left one person dead and sparked fires around the city, officials in Kyiv said early Sunday.

Kyiv’s Mayor Vitali Klitshko said Ukrainian air defense forces had “already intercepted more than 20 UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles)” heading toward the capital and warned that “a new wave of drones is on its way.”

The city’s military administration officials later put the number of Russian drones downed overnight at more than 40.

A 41-year-old man died in the city’s Solomyanskyi district following the attacks, while falling drone debris at a gas station injured a 35-year-old woman, Klitshko said.

Falling drone debris also sparked fires in buildings across the capital, the mayor said on Telegram.

A handout image shows the aftermath of falling debris at a building in Kyiv, Ukraine, on May 28.

A fire spanning 700 square meters (7,534 square feet) had been contained but buildings across an area of 1,000 square meters area were damaged, Klitschko added.

In the Pecherskyi district, the historical center of Kyiv, falling drone debris also sparked a fire on the roof of a nine-story building, Klitschko said.

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