Python roaming in west Houston has yet to be found 🐍

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HOUSTON – There’s a missing python roaming around west Houston and several residents say they’ve seen it themselves.

“I had a man that has raised snakes, especially Pythons take a good look at it and expand it and he said he believes it’s a Burmese Python,” said one resident, Clayton Lee.

Lee told KPRC he believes the snake is 12 to 15 feet long.

“It’s very scary for anyone with cats, kittens, puppies, dogs, very small children I don’t think it could get wide enough to swallow a child but the research I have done says it might try,” Lee said.

According to Lee, the property manager of the West Belt Townhomes sent out a message to residents about the python sighting.

Connie Vernon with the management company says the creature went missing near 1579 W Sam Houston Parkway S and was last seen around Building 6.

“A wildlife removal company will be on the property tomorrow to try to locate and remove the snake. Every effort is being made to humanly relocate the snake to a more favorable living environment,” Vernon wrote.

Those in the area are asked to stay away from that location until the snake has been found.

The city of Houston’s municipal code states that any snake which grows larger than eight feet is considered a wild animal, and is illegal to own.

Additionally, it is unclear who the python belongs to at this time.

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