app mocup 1 The Charlotte Letter

With such an innovative and captivating new way to market their products with a personalized app experience, it’s no wonder that the company has grown in popularity, recognition, and revenue.


The Charlotte Letter TCL, a store based in North Carolina that sells antiques, vintage items, and various clothing and accessories. They have covered a wide range of apparel with exceptional style to cater to all ages, from adults to kids.

Providing an adaptive and modish style to leverage its users with comfortable clothing has made the brand loved by its consumers. 

app mocup 2048x1458 1 The Charlotte Letter

The Charlotte, a store in North Carolina that sells antiques and vintage items, didn’t understand the importance of getting a personalized app for their business. They wanted to get more from their online presence, so they asked Bespoke Marketing Republic for help.


Bespoke Marketing Republic has redesigned “The Charlotte letter” to gain and grow with the flow of new innovations by having an engaging and user-friendly app to allure more users and fruitfully revamp the leads. 

Thankfully, the professional UI/UX  Designers and Developers of Bespoke Marketing Republic had made the impossible possible with their pixel-perfect Deployment of the required Design in the Shoney environment. Some figurative achievements catered by Bespoke Marketing Republic