Mother seeks answers after her son was killed at Fulton County jail

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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – An Atlanta mother is asking herself how could this have happened.

She said police called, saying her son was stabbed to death at the Fulton County Jail.

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies said they are investigating an incident that involved three detainees and left one detainee dead.

CBS46 News reached out to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office for more information about the inmate’s death and if there were any charges filed.

ORIGINAL STORY: Inmate death at Fulton County Jail prompts multi-agency investigation

As of Friday afternoon, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office told CBS46 they are not releasing any more details at this time.

“It’s unreal, I just talked to him yesterday, his last words were ‘mom I love you,’” said Chandra Toland.

She said early Friday morning she got another call, this time from the police.

“He said, ‘I’m sorry to call you this way but your son was killed last night,’” said Toland.

She said police told her that 32-year-old son Dino Walker was stabbed by another inmate and died.

She said her son was at Fulton County Jail on domestic violence and firearm charges and waiting for his case to go to court.

“He’s the type of person to let you know if anything is going on with him,” said Dino’s brother Victor Pharms.

His family said Dino did not mention he was concerned about his safety while in jail.

This death comes just weeks after the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office told CBS 46 that an inmate snuck a knife into the jail after he was arrested and stabbed a deputy multiple times.

The deputy survived but earlier this month, the Fulton County Sheriff said there’s a bigger issue going on in the jail system

“We’ve talked about that for months, everything from the jail being overcrowded, to really making sure we retain and recruit good women and men to join our law enforcement community,” Sheriff Patrick Labat said in early September. “But to that end, we just have to make sure that our steps are followed and we will continue to tighten that up.”

“He smiles all the time, he has a beautiful smile,” said Toland.

Toland said nothing can bring back that smile, but she said she deserves an explanation why her son was killed under the county’s watch.

“He’s in Fulton County Jail, they’re responsible for his safety. They’re supposed to secure him all the while he’s there, and they failed him,” said Toland.

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