Kris Jenner gets emotional as she undergoes hip replacement surgery

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Kris Jenner had to undergo hip replacement surgery on Thursday’s episode of “The Kardashians.”

The 66-year-old visited an orthopedic surgeon who told her the diagnosis after Jenner was unable to sleep or walk properly.

“I’m finally biting the bullet. I’m here to see the doctor because I have this excruciating hip pain,” Jenner said. “I got an extensive set of X-rays, I had an MRI, I had a CT scan and everything else.”

She continued: “The pain that I’ve been feeling seems to be getting in the way of my life and that is not something that I can really tolerate or have the patience for. I have this beautiful fabulous life and I have so many kids and grandkids that I want to share it with. All I wanna do is fix the problem and move on so I can live the best, longest life possible.”

Jenner grew nervous that she was getting older and would have to use a walker for her recovery.

“Hearing the doctor say that I need a hip replacement is very scary for me,” she said. “It reminds me of somebody older than I feel on the inside and somebody who is going to have challenges for the rest of her life. This is serious.”

Kim Kardashian was in the hospital while her mom had surgery, along with Jenner’s longtime boyfriend Corey Gamble.

“The Kardashians” is currently streaming on Hulu.

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