Dallas family reunites with retired fire captain who saved their lives over 47 years ago

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – After more than 47 years, a Dallas family is meeting their hero, now retired Captain Harold Minter. 

“People need to hear that they’ve made an impact in somebody’s life,” Anotoni Garcia said. “And I wanted him to know that from me.” 

A December night in Dallas in 1974 is a time none of them will ever forget. That’s when Dallas Fire Captain Minter and Fire Rescue Officer Jimmie Hendrix ran into a burning home and saved the lives of two young children in Dallas. 

“There’s not really an emotion to describe. It was so many bottled in one, it was happy, happy,” daughter Minter, Suzanne Minter said as she watched them reunite. “I was overwhelmed. I felt honored that I’m his daughter and how cool is that, that it all came full circle.”

“Because of what he’s done, it’s allowed us to live our lives and has allowed my mother to be 100% who she is because she still has all her three kids,” Antoni’s brother, Antonio Garcia said. 

Garcia said he can remember the exact moment the two firemen came running out with his brother and sister who were found in the burning home, unconscious. 

Through their cries, and yelling, they found where they were, reached in and got them out of the house,” Garcia said. 

Both fireman were awarded the highest honor, the Medal of Valor. After hearing the story first hand from her father, Suzanne had more questions. 

“I’ve just always wondered in my mind,” Suzanne said. “Did they survive? Are they okay?”

All these years later, the power of social media brought closure to Captain Minter and the Garcia’s, and a day they’ll never forget. 

“I wanted him to hear it from us,” Antonio said. “My mom went over there, my dad, my brother, my sister.”

They could finally thank their hero, face to face. 

“The fact you saved me, made that possible for me to be there for that family,” Rudy Garcia said. “Because of your act of valor, I was able to be a minister and minister to so many people.”

“I’ve never seen him smile so deep. It’s a beautiful relationship and it’s something I never dreamed,” Suzanne said. 

The Garcia’s wanted to connect with rescue officer Jimmie Hendrix but he passed away earlier this year. They still hope to thank his family. 

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