Brendan Fraser has thoughts about why Tom Cruise’s ‘Mummy’ reboot flopped

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221013141552 brendan fraser hp video Brendan Fraser has thoughts about why Tom Cruise's 'Mummy' reboot flopped


Brendan Fraser wasn’t a part of the 2017 reboot of “The Mummy,” but he has a theory about why the Tom Cruise led film wasn’t a blockbuster.

“It is hard to make that movie,” Fraser told Variety. “The ingredient that we had going for our Mummy, which I didn’t see in that film, was fun. That was what was lacking in that incarnation. It was too much of a straight-ahead horror movie. ‘The Mummy’ should be a thrill ride, but not terrifying and scary.”

Fraser starred in the 1999 film, which kicked of the franchise and two sequels.

These days he’s winning rave reviews and sparking Oscars chatter for his performance as an extremely obese man seeking to reconnect with his estranged daughter in the forthcoming film, “The Whale.”

But Fraser said he would not be against returning for another “Mummy” film.

“I don’t know how it would work,” he said. “But I’d be open to it if someone came up with the right conceit.

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